Organisation of private and professional receptions in Switzerland

Exceptional venues

Take advantage of an exceptional setting to enhance your events. RSH Traiteur has selected some magical venues for you. Discover, in particular:

- The Château d’Aigle in Aigle
- The Château Maison Blanche in Yvorne
- The Domaine du Daley in Lutry
- The Château de Grandson in Grandson
- The Portes des Iris in Vullierens sur Morges
- The Athénée 4 in Geneva
- The Globe du Cern in Meyrin
- The Domaine de Plein Vent in Arare-Geneva

On request, we can organise a visit to the venue of your choice. Of course, the list is not complete and we are able to suggest other equally unique and idyllic venues.
Also, on the strength of several experiences overseas, RSH Traiteur offers you the opportunity to organise your event beyond our borders. From Bucharest to New York, Istanbul to Tokyo, Singapore to Las Vegas, we accompany you to the end of the world.