RSH Traiteur, tailor-made events gastronomy for your private events in Switzerland and around the world

Passion makes a demand for high standards natural and precision a daily requirement

Be seduced by the creativity and originality of the Chefs as well as the authenticity and delicacy of the selected products.

From the emotion of a wedding meal, to happy family reunions, and the sweet memories of a christening, make this privileged event a moment of great taste.

Private events

The specialist and professional attention which the Chefs accord to the art of gastronomy will make your reception an unforgettable event.

We offer menus adapted to your tastes and wishes, whilst also offering services in line with your needs: themed wedding, buffet, reception, cocktail dinner, and more.

Enjoy your event in Switzerland or abroad and leave the magic to do all the work...

RSH Traiteur offers its advice or the end-to-end management of your event. Thanks to its network of partners, RSH Traiteur invites you to take full advantage of your guests by relieving you of the worries of logistics.  

We guarantee you a professional and top-of-the-range service for an event in line with your needs.

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