A top-of-the-range catering service in Switzerland

Chefs' portraits: Philippe Rochat - Lazare Saguer - Michel Hug

Philippe Rochat took over the Hotel de Ville in Crissier after Frédy Girardet, and, for 14 years, he has kept the 3-star rating awarded by the Swiss version of the Michelin Guide. Gourmet and generous, his cuisine is the mirror image of his personality and reflects of his love for the product.

Lazare Saguer started his training in Paris and then, after winning several culinary contests, he continued his career in the capital with the grand master Joël Robuchon. Discreet, he imagines, develops, creates and transmits… Like a true artist, he gets great pleasure from transforming his dishes into a culinary adventure.

Michel Hug started cooking in the region of Alsace, where he was born, before setting off for Puymirol to join Michel Trama. Communicative and likeable, this Chef is a rationalist who enjoys planning, organising and structuring everything he undertakes. His precision and talent complete the Chef’s trio.

From gastronomy to catering

First and foremost, Philippe Rochat, Lazare Saguer and Michel Hug, are all about a great friendship. Their taste for culinary exception within the small world of 3-star dining is now being exported to the universe of outside catering.

After 18 years in the kitchen, these three Chefs have now decided to develop “a 3-star catering service!”

The idea is simple and is immediately operational: to “export” high-quality cuisine and the special details of hospitality for 2 to 2,000 people.

For more than 15 years, the leading brands in the world of watch making, jewellery, haute-couture, business and banking have called upon the services of RSH Traiteur in order to offer the values of a 3-star restaurant... within their own walls...

The RSH kitchens

The RSH laboratory brings together HACCP hygiene standards, a very high standard label, and the preparation of exceedingly refined dishes, in accordance with tradition and intergenerational know-how.
The operational nerve centre, our kitchen laboratory integrates the most innovative technological solutions. RSH’s kitchens enable the precise management of space and time.
The result… Complete command and absolute control over the cold chain, from the receipt of goods, their transformation, through to the event itself.